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Congratulations!  If you received a link to this page from KBN TV, it’s because the station’s general manager (and host of “Paradigm Shift”) is interested in considering you for the role of female co-host on this exciting and informative show.   Please take a few minutes to read the descriptions below, click the link to watch one or more episodes from Season 1 in order to get a feel for the format of the show, and then contact the station to arrange an interview and audition.  Accommodations may be made to allow for online interviews and auditions for those who live a considerable distance from Atlanta and Macon.


About the Show

“Paradigm Shift” is the KBN TV original show which deals with controversial subjects and events from history that are often either avoided or misrepresented by Hollywood, Washington, and academia.  The show seeks to examine little known or intentionally hidden facts for the purpose of examining the events and subjects from a perspective generally ignored.  The viewer is encouraged to rethink how he or she has previously viewed these events or subjects in light of the information provided.


About the Host

Ray McBerry has been a radio and television host for nearly 20 years.   He is a two-time former Republican candidate for governor of Georgia and is a nationally recognized speaker on historical and constitutional issues.  He is considered one of the leading spokesmen in America on States’ Rights and the Tenth Amendment and hosted the first-ever national Tenth Amendment Summit in Atlanta in 2010.  Ray has appeared as a guest on CNN, HLN, MSNBC, FOX News, and hundreds of local stations across the country.  He is an ardent Christian, conservative, and constitutionalist.  He has consistently done battle with the forces of liberalism and Marxism for more than 20 years; and in 2013, he became the first “public figure” in Georgia in more than 100 years to successfully win a libel suit when he took on the liberal forces in Georgia politics who maligned him during the 2010 governor’s race.  Ray has spent thousands of hours and thousands of his own dollars trying to open the eyes of others to the truth about our history and heritage.  “Paradigm Shift” is the latest in a series of radio and television series financed, hosted, and produced by him.


Season 1 : here are some of the topics covered in Season 1 of “Paradigm Shift”

Hegelian Dialectic

National Socialism

War Justification

Gun Control Agenda

Republic to Empire


Federal Reserve

Myths of American Slavery

JFK Assassination

Sandy Hook Hoax

Sample episodes from Season 1 may be viewed by clicking HERE.


Co-host role:  To facilitate the show’s host producing the information related to the topic by asking questions in a comfortable, engaging manner and interacting with the host in a natural conversational style.  Questions will be provided for the co-host for each episode and no memorization is required other than a basic intro and close for each show which is nearly identical from episode to episode.   Punctuality is a must, and wardrobe must be approved prior to shooting dates.  In all, the co-host position is a low-stress position focusing mainly on “opening the door” for the host to present the information and then on keeping things flowing smoothly throughout the show.  Because the content and host of the show will always be presented from a Christian and very conservative viewpoint, it would be beneficial for the co-host to have a Christian and conservative viewpoint, as well.  Pay for this position will be determined based upon qualifications and experience; and a set hourly, daily, or half-day rate will be agreed upon prior to shooting so that the talent knows what to expect.  This role may also lead to additional on or off-air work with KBN TV including other shows and commercials.