Thank you for your order for KBN Klassifieds.  In order to make sure that your classified ad is produced and ready for broadcast for the upcoming week, you must take a moment now to email us the information and photo (if desired) to be included in your ad.  We will email you back a confirmation within 24 hours.

Please email the following:

* Your name and phone number in case our staff has a question for you during production

* The on-screen text exactly as you wish it to appear on your ad.  Up to 25 words.  Be sure to include important info such as the name of the event or activity, date and time, address, contact info if needed.  Changes cannot be made later without an additional charge.

* Up to one photo may be included.  The higher the resolution of the image, the better it will appear on tv.  Image files must be emailed in .jpg format at the time of your original email; no changes can be made later without additional charge.



You may cancel your subscription to KBN Klassifieds at any time by using THIS LINK.  Your subscription will continue to renew every week on the same day that you originally placed your initial order until you cancel your ad.  Please keep in mind that we are unable to refund any purchases, so please cancel your subscription prior to the day that it is scheduled to renew if you do not wish to continue it for an additional week.  We do not offer refunds or partial week broadcasts on the KBN Klassifieds.