We have some exciting changes coming to KBN Television!  Beginning May 28, KBN Television will be moving from channel 22 to channel 183 on Charter Cable as part of Charter’s addition of many new channels to their lineup, including a number of high definition channels.

While we are somewhat disappointed to be moving from Channel 22 after more than twelve years of broadcasting, we are very excited that Charter is making improvements to their lineup!  This will mean a greater product for all Charter  viewers and has been a long time coming, despite our lobbying on behalf of our viewers.

KBN 183 will continue to be a part of the Basic package offered by Charter so that even those viewers who only have Basic cable will continue to enjoy their favourite local channel.

We have also successfully negotiated for some other great things in our contract with Charter that we will be announcing over the next year.  In all, we believe that this will be a good change for all of us.

In the meanwhile, thank you for making us your local television channel now for more than 12 years!  KBN will continue to bring you the local sports, kids shows, real estate, Georgia First, and Southside Showcase programs that you’ve come to enjoy; and we’ve recently added some great new programs including “The Folklorist” and others.  We have also partnered with the Henry County Police Department to bring monthly programs to our viewers.  We are pleased to provide this added value and appreciate the HCPD placing their confidence for success in KBN Television.

April has been our most successful month at KBN in more than a year.  We believe that our best years are still ahead of us and are looking brighter by the day.

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